Friday, May 15, 2009

Campaign beat - Part 1

I suspect I'll be in a foul mood from Saturday. So let me write trivia when I'm still interested.
  • Campaigning is hard physical labor. No wonder political workers get about 200 bucks per day besides food.
  • Assuming I spoke to about 500 people each day, in 12 days its 6000. On the whole, we spoke to about a hundred thousand voters.
  • Campaigned in five languages! Kannada, English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu, in that order. In Telugu, I only managed "vote veyandi".
  • We start conversing in a language based on the TV channel people are watching. Some funny "anti-demon" symbol hung outside houses also gives away the lingustic profile of the voter.
  • Why do people advertise their religion on their front doors? In our home, there is no 'God' outside the Pooja room.
  • Muslims are much more politically aware than the average voter. And they were very nice to us despite the Saffron baggage we carried.
  • While we 'volunteers' had easy access to leaders, the local party workers aren't that lucky. Hierarchy matters in politics.
  • I wish Vijayakumar, our local in-charge in Chitradurga, gets third time lucky. He has unsuccesfully contested Municipal elections twice (spent > 100 rupees per voter!).
  • Didn't visit the Chitradurga fort even though we were campaigning all around it.
  • Apparently BJP spent about 100 crores on the Bellary seat. Neighbouring Chitradurga's budget was 40-50 crores.
  • Visited the seer of the Basava (Lingayat) Mutt at their sprawling campus in Chitradurga. The first thing he asked, "howz the situation?".
  • The money I donated to the party election fund was used to buy Advani masks. A campaigning method that I can scarcely approve.
  • Met a girl and apparently her mom-in-law in Domlur, outside their unbelievably huge house. They had atleast half-a-dozen cars and said they'll never vote for the BJP :)
  • A local leader in Domlur was to arrange our lunch in a restaurant. We hardly required 6000 rupees. He gave a large bundle of cash, coolly said "call me if you need more" and left. I wonder what happens to the rest of the money.
Continued here.

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Kaushik said...

Very inspiring to see your campaign trails and your passionate "actions", though I don't think I agree with some of your opinions, also, I'm waaay under-informed/ignorant compared to you, so it doesn't really matter. Wonder how I missed your blog all these days, hope to read more of it.
I feel bad BJP lost someone like you. All we can do now is hope and pray. :(
A fellow BJP-supporter