Sunday, June 14, 2009


My dear wish to visit this eighth century Pallava temple for Kailasanatha, cost my friend his wallet and displeased another friend whose wedding reception initiated the trip in the first place (we were late)!

About the photos:

1. Its from my new point and shoot and I didn't take 3 of the above!
2. I know very little about this temple, which probably is the oldest in Tamilnadu. I'm ashamed.
3. I'm guessing, the 6 (+1 not in picture) smaller structures just outside the temple are tombs of royals. Becos they are outside, each have a Shiv ling and this was supposed to be a private royals only temple.
4. I don't know if the paint in the last photo is from the 8th century, but bear in mind that Ajantha and Ellora influenced the Pallavas and the later Chola paintings in the inner sanctum of Thanjavur (11th century) still survive.

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Vijay said...

pictures look good.