Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dr. Florence for Koramangala Corporator!

The following is the flyer handed out by Dr. Florence, who is the JDS candidate for Ward 151 (Koramangala). She had preferred not to be interviewed by the Koramangala Smartvotes team. But she did come to the debate we organized last week.

I had initially thought of voting for the independent candidate Ms. Malathi. Becos she is better than the BJP and Congress candidates and I suspected Dr. Florence to be a dummy candidate put up by JDS. I did speak to Dr. Florence in person and she seems a very decent person. And her resume is very good. Now, I see her campaign gaining stream in Koramangala. So she is a serious candidate after all.

I'm now formally endorsing Dr. Florence for the Koramangala Ward 151 Corporator position!

Dr. Florence. DCE, MA English, BCS, MBBS BIO, MD AM.

Work Experience:

1. Worked in the PWD department of Architecture as Junier Engineer.
2. Actively involved with the works of the New City Market building project and the Jayadeva cardiology building project and many more prestigious projects.
3. Worked as a lecturer in Bishop Cottons Women's College and St. Joseph's Arts and Science College.
4. Worked as an administrator for NAITT.
5. Working as a Counselor for a non profitable organization called the 'YWCA Arathi Center' near Bethany High School at Koramangala.
6. I do free counseling for women, children and youngsters who suffer from different problems like family issues, mental stresses, social problems, psychological and health issues and a practising doctor.

Extracurricular activities:


1. Free heart surgery got done for economically backward section people.
2. Conducting workshops for women, students and children.
3. Helped students to come out of mental disturbances to face exams.
4. Helped students to get job oriented technical training and secure jobs.
5. Helped low income group to sell their home made products.


1. Taken part in state and national level sports. Won the "Star of India" award for throw ball.
2. Was the Vice captain for the state for Volley Ball. Won the "Best Player" award in the Mini Olympics.


1. To serve the larger section of society and to make Our Koramangala Ward the best ward in Bangalore City.
2. To solve drainage problems, water problems, traffic problems.
3. The entire environment should be eco-friendly and people friendly.
4. To interact with all the people of Koramangala Ward of all walks of life.
5. To find suitable solutions to whatever problems residents are facing.
6. To conduct different welfare programmes, senior citizens welfare programmes.
7. I can serve the community to the best of my ability.

Email: dr_florence AT hot

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