Friday, November 04, 2011

Literature Survey: Electoral Reforms in India

The following is a collection of reading material on Electoral Reforms in India. At the time of writing this post, people are waiting for the National Consultation on Electoral Reforms that was proposed to be held in July 2011 but was postponed.

Papers, Reports and Notes:
  1. Electoral Reforms - Points to Ponder: A note by the Core Committee on Electoral Reforms based on Regional Consultations. April 2011.
  2. Background paper on Electoral Reforms: Prepared by the Core Committee on Electoral Reforms. Dec 2010.
  3. Important Electoral Reforms proposed by the Election Commission. Note available on the Election Commission website. Feb 2011.
  4. ADR/New Recommendations for Electoral Reforms. Recommendations by Association for Democratic Reforms. Apr 2011.
  5. Electoral and Political Party Reforms in India. Note by Jayaprakash Narayan for Mont Pelerin Society (MPS) Asia Regional Meeting. Feb 2011.
  6. Electoral Reforms in India: A lecture by J M Lyngdoh. Jan 2009.
  7. Proposed Electoral Reforms. Proposals by the Election Commission based on the experiences from Lok Sabha Election 2004.
  8. Electoral Reforms Goals: A Loksatta discussion paper on Electoral Reforms.
  9. Electoral Reforms: A presentation by Jayaprakash Narayan at the Workshop on Electoral Reforms, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore. March 2002

  1. National and Regional Consultations on Electoral Reforms. The law ministry website on the work of the Core Committee on Electoral Reforms.
  2. Consultations on Electoral Reforms: The resource page of ADR on Electoral Reforms.
  3. Foundation for Democratic Reforms: The thinktank of Loksatta which has published several articles on Electoral reforms.
  1. Why India is in dire need of electoral reform: Article by Soutik Biswas in June 2011.
  2. Electoral reforms in India: For a stronger democratic polity.: A summary of the issues. Feb 2010.
  3. Campaign for Electoral Reforms in India: An organization promoting Proportional Representation System.

The following articles throw light on the struggle in 2002-03 to get candidates declare financial and criminal records while filing their nominations.
  1. National Campaign for Electoral Reforms: A series of articles in India Together. 2003 and before.
  2. Electoral Reforms: Key to Effective Democracy: Article by Jagdeep S. Chhokar on Indian Liberal Group's Freedom First magazine. September 2002 issue.

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