Sunday, August 12, 2007

Boy oh boy! What a week!

I know there is someone from Delhi who often reads my blog. I just need to check if that person lives at 7 Race Course Road. Well, ok! That was taking it a little too far!

I have simply lost count of the number of times I have derided Manmohan Singh in this space. And for the first time in 3 and 1/2 years, he has risen upto my expectations. Infact, if he is going to tell more people to "do WTF you wanna do", he can even count on my vote in 2009!

The Commies had this coming. For a long time now, actually. If even I can realize how empty their cupboard is, the Congress and BJP managers are no dunces either! The nuclear deal was something dear to Manmohan. Probably his only achievement so far as PM. Only brain-damaged clowns like Karat and Bardhan can mess with him on that.

Even if those nut-cases aren't good at politics, they should atleast read the papers. BJP had all but toasted Manmohan Singh on the deal and was laying the trap for the Left, by using the obvious Hyde Act angle to demand a vote in Parliament. Advani even let the cat out of the bag, when he promised to debate instead of shouting the house down. That was the clearest signal for Manmohan Singh to take on the Left! And he did it in style.

8 fifty partnerships, all 11 scoring in double figures and a romantic 100 for Kumble! What more can we ask? Lose (no win!) a zillion matches, but if you guys can play as a team like this, the countless hours we have wasted on cricket in this life would be worth it! If only that scum-bag had not boarded his plane from Australia two years ago... Sigh!

And more good news on the Indian Cricket League front! Laloo bun gaya gentleman! Anyway, if Dalmiya is the one who is giving it to Pawar and Co (as rumored), that would reduce his bad karma count a bit! But ICL is not flawless. I can't see why people up for national selection in India or elsewhere should play here. It would be ideal to have three leagues. BCCI, ICL for failed cricketers and a college league.

And finally, the Tamil blog world came of age, having its own BlogCamp! There is a buzz in the e-Tamil world. If you are a Tamil reading this, ping me to come on board! I can introduce you to cool people over there. And to roundoff the week in style, I even managed to swim reasonably at the class today!


GuNs said...

Somehow I don't believe Mannu-bhai deserves all the credit for this decision. Since he became PM, he has proved nothing but his inefficiency for the post.


FlyingHigh said...

hey there..happy birthday! Been busy blogging I see..I have a lot of catching up to do!


Balaji said...

thanks Shradha!

GuNs said...

You and Shradha share the same birthday? Cool. Happy Birthday.


Balaji said... mine's 17. hers 18.

Anowc said...

Ha but this is an old post...the last time i checked Mannu Uncle was in deeper trouble than mentioned here...poor "man' he needs a rest from the "race' so i guess he needs to change his residence. Maybe Vaastu something will help him!