Friday, August 17, 2007


Yashwant Sinha:How is it that a statement by the PM is contradicted by a flunkey of the State Department? We, therefore, demand a thorough discussion on the agreement in Parliament with voting,” Sinha said, referring to the statement made by US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack.

It doesn't look like McCormack made any such contradictory statement. Was the Indian reporter there the real culprit?

George Fernandes: "If it were China, they would have settled it with one bullet in his [Manmohan's] head."


K. Parasaran: "They (upper caste) dominated for centuries and now they should suffer," while arguing for reservations in the Supreme Court.

Did he really say that? Or is CNN-IBN at it again?

Manmohan Singh:

"But I have faith on higher force. I believe it was my destiny to be PM. I have the courage of conviction."

Higher force? You mean Italian mafia?

"But all these years, no Indian government had the courage to change our policy towards the US."

What did Vajpayee do then? And they call this guy (Manmohan) humble and praise his honesty?!

"They [BJP] didn’t even believe I would last as the Prime Minister and some leaders even did havans that I should die on a certain day."

Who gave you a PhD dude?

Rajasekhar Reddy: (few weeks back)

"I will expose all your misdeeds in such a way that you will repent having come out of your mother’s womb,” Reddy allegedly told Chandra Babu Naidu [in the Andhra assembly]


Update:: Ronen Sen: It has been approved here (in Washington) by the President, and there (in New Delhi) it’s been approved by the Indian Cabinet. So why do you have all this running around like headless chicken, looking for a comment here or comment there, and these little storms in a tea-cup?

There you go!


Anonymous said...

If you had a PhD, I would have asked you the same question.

ரவிசங்கர் said...

//K. Parasaran: "They (upper caste) dominated for centuries and now they should suffer," while arguing for reservations in the Supreme Court.//

ok now got the point from ur tamil blog..

Madhu said...

Balaji is a moron :-)

Now do you really care about my statement. Definetly not. So are the politicians. Every politician is playing a game.

Puru said...

Well, the media is having a gala time reporting things like these, the are probably getting carried away in the process. Funny blog!

GuNs said...

WE seriously need press censorship. The recent few years have led me to believe that the Indian press is blatantly abusing the freedom that has been given to them.