Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coldest State, Hottest Governor!

That apparently appears on license plates in Alaska! Sarah Palin, a gun-totting, moose hunting, pro-life, hockey-mom of five is an incredible choice for Veep.

The American Presidential race has become interesting again, bcos between Obama and McCain, there was no race. People must be incredibly stupid to vote for McCain. But this election is now gonna be about the base instincts of the people and not the candidates.

How much can Sarah rock the Obama 'elitist' boat? Will the grannies dreaming of Woman Presidency in their life time stay loyal Democrats now? Will the blue collar belt which sees no hope in Obama, get swayed by the Alaskan 'First Dude' who still works on the North slope oil rigs? Will the gigantic evangelical vote machine run over the democrats as it did in 2004?

On the democratic side, Biden is a safe choice. But I wish Obama had listened to me and chosen Blanche Lincoln instead. Lincoln would have rocked every base thats threatening Obama now.

Anyway this Fall we're gonna see a political fist fight and that can only be interesting. I guess Obama will sweat but when he stands on the steps of Capitol Hill on a cold January morning, American democracy will again be their pride and the world's envy.

And finally, it so happens that I have visited the home towns of all the four people on the tickets. Sedona, Arizona (McCain), Hawaii (Obama), Wasilla, Alaska (Palin), Wilmington, Delaware on I95 (Biden). Not bad!

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Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to give war-hero political maverick John McCain credit for anything. I would have voted for him anyway, but his choice for VP shows him to be more politically astute than even The Great Communicator himself.

You want change, change, change? You want a rock star? Well John just gave you all of that in spades. How about a beauty queen, political giant-killer, soccer mom, and moose hunter with more executive and military experience than Obama? And for you Hilary fans, how about a politically successful mother of five married to a regular blue-collar guy instead of the world's most famous lech?

Governor Palin's candidacy speaks to the electorate's great hunger for real people, as distinguised from career politicians, to take leadership positions. Think Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger, only WAY better.

Balaji said...

hmm, I agree that Sarah Palin is an excellent political choice.

But I'm not sure about McCain. yeah, his is a great personal story and in 2000 he was obviously a better option than Bush for the republicans.

But today, McCain is just a joke on America. He will wage the Iraq war all over again. He called for a surge and we do have it now. Is US gonna stay for 100 years too?

His much touted foreign policy credentials are laughable. He has no clue about Iraq, that should be a pointer enough. And worse, he is a complete novice on Economy.

Infact, as I think about it, I wish Sarah Palin had entered the Presidential Primaries. A Palin-McCain ticket looks more formidable than the reverse.

Anonymous said...

Are you the Balaji Ganesan from BITS?

Balaji said...

no. sorry :)