Wednesday, November 05, 2008

McCain is defeated. Long live Conservatism!

Obama has won as expected. Its truly a seminal moment in Black American history and as I wrote here, US democracy is again its pride and the world's envy. Its nice to see so many Americans and curiously even people across the world derive happiness from the extra-ordinary journey of Barack Obama.

To put things in perspective, Obama's win is one of the worse performances by a winning candidate since 1928. I mean, Obama's tally of 364 pales in comparison with Reagan's 525 and Roosevelt's 523. Clinton had 370 and 379. Considering the extremely favorable political environment for Obama, McCain and the Republicans seem to have stood their ground.

Ofcourse, Obama's supporters will be quick to see white racism against the Black candidate. Then one wonders what motivated the Blacks (in Virginia) to vote for him? And those whites (in Colorado) who possibly voted for Obama just bcos he is black, so that they can feel good about themselves.

And only 5 senate and 18 house seats have switched Blue from Red. Thats a reasonable performance following the Dubya presidency. And I'm glad to see Paul Ryan getting re-elected easily. Ryan, 38 is one of the smartest financial brains on Capitol Hill and is tipped for greater things in the future. His seat was supposedly in danger for championing the bailout package despite being a stanch conservative himself.

Anyway, Republicans should realize that this election was an impossible one to begin with and should work towards making a strong come back as early as 2010. I mean, contrary to what he claims, come 2010, Obama will still be fighting the war in Iraq, sending rebate checks and promising a socialist utopia, with literally no money in the bank.

Besides, look what happened to Democrats who set foot in the Oval Office last century. Kennedy got killed. Lyndon led US to defeat in the Vietnam war. Carter managed to become the worst president in US history. And Clinton got impeached for failing to clearly define the word 'sex'. Socialists can't govern, baby!

And finally, on the one on puffs, California seems to have voted Yes on banning Gay-marriages. Arizona, Florida and Arkansas have also gotten more tough on benefits for Gay couples. Colorado and South Dakota have resisted bans on abortions, while a 'Death with Dignity' law has been approved in Washington.

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Anonymous said...

"And Clinton got impeached for..."

Thats news to me. As far as I recollect, he completed both his terms in office. Get the corupt sectors of your failing brains out.

Balaji said...

impeachment is different from removal. a president impeached by the house will go on trial in the senate.

Clinton got impeached by the house. the senate acquitted him.

The only other president to be impeached, Andrew Johnson was also impeached by the house and acquitted by the senate.