Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gross Moral Deficit

An Israeli male gay couple have gotten a mother in Mumbai to surrogate a child and have flown back. They apparently want to come back to get a sibling. That was news this evening. The newscaster claimed that India and the US (really?) are the only countries where this kind of surrogacy could be performed legally. Is India the most immoral society on the planet?

I cannot imagine how heartless a woman should be to rent her womb for the perverse desires of these homos. Excuse me, but how different is this from rape or prostitution? And why this extra-ordinary desire to plant one's seed? Couldn't they adopt one or two Palestinian orphans who's country these Jews have been raping for half a century now?

And how is this sh*t legal in India? What was I smoking when I criticized the Indian law that deems homosexuality as criminal? Besides, isn't there a restriction on unmarried people especially males adopting a child? Or atleast thats what Maniratnam told us in a movie. And why isn't there a firing squad to treat the doctors who assisted in this?

Sometime back a 70 something woman had conceived a male child. Lest one appreciate modern medicine, she already had two grown up daughters and wanted a male heir. I hope that woman, her husband and their doctors rot in the non-existent hell for eternity.

I also wrote about that evil witch of a woman in Mumbai, who ran a circus on abortion laws, before mercilessly killing her unborn child in a 'miscarriage'. But I couldn't follow the case of that Japanese grandmother who took away a surrogate child from Rajasthan, when the (Japanese) father had already abandoned the child, even before it was out of its rented womb.

Let me stop before I break my keyboard in outrage. But just this morning I spoke to the guys at Samarthanam. How are one set of people able to give it all, so that differently abled kids can get a life of dignity and happiness, while others are able to make and buy children for money? Its so depressing.


Anonymous said...

Would it be alright if the Israeli couple in question was not gay ? Are you against surrogacy or gays having kids or both ? I dont think surrogacy is much different from organ donorship. But I do sure dont think it is the same as rape or prostitution. I wouldnt put rape and prostitution in the same league either.

Balaji said...

i'm totally against Gays having children. its plainly child abuse.

and I'm against surrogacy as business.

i'm sick of foreigners outsourcing labor to India.

surrogacy for money is like organ donation just as the kidney selling racket is. i'm also against voluntary organ donation for money.

how is renting womb for money different from prostitution? both are driven by poverty. i can sympathize but can't condone.

i would put a rapist and this israeli couple in the same league for sure. women aren't baby making machines just as they are not sexual objects.

GuNs said...


I'm back to India and back to blogging. I missed blogville quite a bit all this while. I've continued my journey in Italy with a new post. I hope to blog regularly again from now.


FlyingHigh said...

Yep, I never understood why people don't just adopt. Having said that I don't approve of the celebrity adoptions, Madonna and Jolie kids are probably better off without their messed up celeb parents.

Balaji said...

Shobha Narayan in her Mint column today throws some insight.

and this story says surrogacy is a lucrative earning opportunity in recession hit US.